LotR EO Blends - Regular Orders Open!

LotR EO Blends - Regular Orders Open!

Pre-orders are now closed for my LotR-inspired Essential Oil blends, which means all the blends (and gift sets) are now available for sale in the regular store on this site!

For more information on each blend, please click the NAMES below, which will take you to their individual blog posts. All components are listed there along with my inspiration and intent behind each blend!


Follow the footsteps of the Fellowship with these incredible essential oil blends! Nine blends formulated after nine iconic locations featured in the high-fantasy world of Halflings, Elves, and Mortal Men. Each blend is skin-safe (pre-diluted to 10% concentration intended for acute care) and packaged in a colorful gradient roll-on bottle.

HOBBITON: verdant herbs, a freshly tended garden shaded by citrus trees

RIVENDELL: a wet, chilled forest clinging to the last remnants of declining summer

MORIA: a spicy, resinous blend pulled from the depths of the earth where fire sleeps

LOTHLÓRIEN: heady, flower-studded woods encased in sparkling, golden citruses

EDORAS: citrus-polished woodwork and dry grass softened by wind-swept flowers

ISENGARD: a cache of medicinal herbs chilled by cold, methodical lust for power

MINAS TIRITHpristine halls of stone, ritualistically cleansed to hide a hint of slow decay

MOUNT DOOM: seductive, citrusy spice cake to lure in unsuspecting ringbearers

GREY HAVENS: bright, woodsy sea-breeze that inspires a soothing, hopeful resignation

(BONUS) Paths of the Dead: cold foreboding to send chills down your spine

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