Write English with Tengwar

Tengwar Workbook by Fiona Jallings

Elegant Writer Markers

Perfect chisel tip markers for practicing Tengwar calligraphy. Different sizes available depending on how thicc you like your characters when you practice.

Pilot Parallel Pens

Ink cartridge pens with chisel nibs. They take getting used to but look quite professional with practice.

Moleskin Dotted Notebook

The Moleskin notebooks are exquisite in general, but the dotted ones are especially helpful for writing Tengwar, giving a guideline for consistent character placement without full lines obscuring your writing.

Pen-Holding Mug

When you begin to collect pens and markers, you'll need a place to keep them stored upright. Why not get a Tengwar mug from my merch store? Wonderfully appropriate for your practice pens!

A Fan's Guide to Neo-Sindarin

This book is like a crash course in Neo-Sindarin, courtesy of amazing linguist Fiona Jallings. 2nd Edition will include all recent updates to Neo-Sindarin based on Parma Eldalamberon publications.

Not always an easy read, since she does get technical at times, but it's the most comprehensive Neo-Sindarin book out there. Highly recommended!