LotR Collection: Grey Havens Blend

LotR Collection: Grey Havens Blend

Curious about my Middle-Earth Oils? Here's a bit more about the Grey Havens blend, which is part of the LotR Collection!

GREY HAVENS: a bright, woodsy sea-breeze that inspires a soothing, hopeful resignation

  • Kumquat [Fortunella japonica] - fresh, fruity
  • Lime SD [Citrus x limon] - fresh, fruity
  • Sea Fennel [Crithmum maritimum] - fresh, green
  • Silver Fir [Abies alba] - fresh, sharp, piney
  • Frankincense [Boswellia carteri] - green, balsamic, resinous


    The final step in the journey of Frodo is to sail to the Undying Lands in the West, where his spirit can finally heal and rest after the price exacted by his quest to Mordor. The promise of this peace, the hope for what still lies ahead, is at the core of this blend. I brought together notes that would close the story on a happy note. Frodo may leave, but in time he will be reunited with Sam, Gimli, and Legolas on the distant shores of Valinor.


    Top Notes: Lime and Kumquat. These citruses practically glisten off the gentle waves in the docks of the Havens. They are the setting sun on the water, light that beckons you to the West.

    Middle Notes: Silver Fir and Sea Fennel. This combo is perfect for the spot where woods meet the ocean. Sea Fennel is also wonderful for rejuvinating your skin, and Silver Fir bolsters the immune system and soothes the emotions.

    Base Note: Frankincense. I'll admit it's my favorite base-to-middle note, but beyond that, Frankincense Carterii is especially useful for soothing away muscle pain, so this blend covers the mind, body, and spirit all at once!

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