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Welcome to, the home of TikTok's Resident Elf-boi, Kris. This site is dedicated to sparking a warm, comforting glow across the modern void that divides us. Quirky queerness. Cosmic reflection. A hint of Elvendom on Earth.

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#SimpingForSauron September

#SimpingForSauron September

To celebrate the first appearance of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powe...
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The Hobbits Are Wearing Our Merchandise!

The Hobbits Are Wearing Our Merchandise!

Cue the techno remix! 2022 was full of so many surprises for me as a content creator, b...
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LotR EO Blends - Regular Orders Open!

LotR EO Blends - Regular Orders Open!

Pre-orders are now closed for my LotR-inspired Essential Oil blends, which means all th...
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Custom Elvish for Special Projects

Kris specializes in Neo-Sindarin Translations and English Transliterations into Tolkien's beautiful, flowing Tengwar script.

Elvish Tattoo Work

From simple memorials to more complex creative endeavors with poetic Elvish symbolism... If you are looking to make a piece of this iconic fantasy world permanent on your body, consider commissioning a custom translation from Kris!

LEFT: "Losing doesn't make you a loser."

RIGHT: "The light of Eärendil, our most-beloved star."

(Photo credits: Regina; Evie)

LEFT: "I am enough."

RIGHT: "Fool of a Took"

(Photo credits: Eowyn Rayne; Shannon)

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The Scents of Middle-Earth

Ever wonder what a hidden Elven vale smells like? What about a Wizard's Tower? The gleaming white halls of the King?

Follow the path of the Fellowship from a humble Halfling's garden to the harbor by the Sea in our new line of Essential Oil Blends!

For Undiluted Oils...

Kris is an affiliate for Plant Therapy, an exceptional seller of high-quality undiluted essential oils at an affordable price.

Perfect for those who would like to diffuse oils for general health and wellbeing.

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"Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful
is not because of these stars or lights, but because of us...
We shine just the way we are tonight."

Mikrokosmos - by BTS

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