LotR Collection: Hobbiton Blend

LotR Collection: Hobbiton Blend

Curious about my Middle-Earth Oils? Here's a bit more about the Hobbiton blend, which is part of the LotR Collection!

HOBBITON: verdant herbs, a freshly tended garden shaded by citrus trees

  • Pink Grapefruit [Citrus x paradisi] - fresh, fruity
  • Lime SD [Citrus x aurantifolia] - fresh, fruity
  • Basil [Ocimum basilicum] - fresh, herbal
  • Tumeric Fresh Tek [Curcuma longa] - green, spicy
  • Melissa [Melissa officinalis] - green, herbal
  • Rosemary 1,8-Cineole [Rosmarinus officinalis] - fresh, herbal
  • Neroli [Citrus x aurantium] - fresh, floral


The concept behind this scent comes from the wonderful description of Hobbits, who love "peace and quiet and good tilled earth". Samwise is Mister Frodo's gardener, after all, not his bodyguard. So this blend was formulated to smell like a garden. Every single ingredient can be described as either fresh or green.


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lime (Steam Distilled), and Neroli. Citrus oils tend to sparkle brightly but fade quickly. Neroli is orange blossom, so it's light floral adds a bit of softness. The top notes in this blend are all therapeutic mood lifters.

Middle Notes: Basil, Melissa, and Rosemary. Fresh herbs! While basil and rosemary are a bit on the dry side, for lack of a better descriptor, Melissa is extremely green in scent profile. It's also an extremely therapeutic oil (one of the most expensive in my collection), and it helps soothe a worried mind and ease tension, especially in the head and neck.

Base Note: Tumeric Fresh Tek. This version of Tumeric oil is extracted with a tailor-made steam distillation process that leaves the oil smelling both green and spicy! It's a fantastic oil for soothing aching muscles and joints, and it can also help support healthy digestion. Sam would definitely want this in his garden!

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