Geeky ★ Niche ★ Merch

New Merch!

Elvish Merch: "Talk Elvish to Me"
Pride Merch: Bent Ent Design
TTRPG Merch: "Your Royal Hiney"
Simp Merch: "Maybe It's Sorcery"

All Things Elvish

For all the tricksy little elvses who want to have cryptic Elvish merch and enjoy the glee of explaining the unexpected meaning to anyone who asks. Or blatantly state their obsession. Your choice.

For Queerer Folks

Representation is paramount. Plus, the Elves are default NB and would have normalized all parts of the gender and sexuality spectra, so....

For TTRPG Fans

Show your support for your favorite characters of The Unpredicted Party TTRPG or commiserate with those who roll a dreaded Eye of Sauron.

For the Simps

Simping for Sauron? Thranduil? Arwen? There's merch just for people like you! We don't judge.