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The following form can be used to reach out to Kris. If the reason you are contacting them is time-sensitive, please type "TIME SENSITIVE" in all caps at the beginning of your message. This will alert Kris so they will know to prioritize your message, especially in the case of Elvish translation requests. Keep in mind that most messages are answered within one week.


As of September 1st, 2023, Kris has caught up with their backlog of translation requests, which means commissions are now open once again! For all who messaged in the last year, Kris extends their heartfelt gratitude for your patience through their top surgery and more recent cancer surgery. They have made a full recovery!

Neo-Sindarin Translation Commissions

Do you have a favorite phrase you'd like translated into Elvish? Perhaps a tattoo idea you want inked in Elvish Tengwar Script?

Kris' Commissions are currently OPEN!

Pricing varies based on how time-consuming your translation will be, so please use the form above to message us with your desired commission!