LotR Collection: Moria Blend

LotR Collection: Moria Blend

Curious about my Middle-Earth Oils? Here's a bit more about the Moria blend, which is part of the LotR Collection!

MORIA: a spicy, resinous blend pulled from the depths of the earth where fire sleeps

  • Green Mandarin [Citrus nobilis] - fresh, fruity
  • Black Pepper [Piper nigrum] - dry spice, warming
  • Indian Sandalwood [Santalum album] - earthy, woodsy
  • Vetiver [Vetiveria zizanioides] - earthy, smoky
  • Sichuan Pepper [Zanthoxylum schinifolium] - zesty spice, warming
  • Ginger Root [Zingiber officinale] - woody spice, warming
  • Clove Bud [Syzygium aromaticum] - rich, spicy


Moria conjures a certain juxtaposition in my mind. The greatest of all Dwarven realms, where feasts must have been epic and rowdy... but also fallen to decay because of the fiery Balrog that was woken in the depths. Deep, earthy spices were essential for this blend, and resinous smoke to denote the presence of something sinister in the dark.


Top Notes: Green Mandarin. The darkest citrus scent available, in my opinion. While other citruses are uplifting, mandarin is grounding and calming. It pulls you deeper, hinting at the restful slumber before fading into the fire of the other notes.

Middle Notes: Ginger Root, Black Pepper, Sichuan Pepper. All. The. Spices. Because you know the Dwarves would have spiced their roasts so heavily that the scent would permeate the stone halls for eternity.

Base Note: Vetiver, Clove Bud, and Sandalwood. These notes are deep and dark. Vetiver has a smoky, resinous quality I wanted at the core of the scent profile, and Sandalwood and Clove seemed perfect complements for an underground realm.

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