LotR Collection: Isengard Blend

LotR Collection: Isengard Blend

Curious about my Middle-Earth Oils? Here's a bit more about the Isengard blend, which is part of the LotR Collection!

ISENGARD: a cache of medicinal herbs chilled by cold, methodical lust for power

  • Lemon SD [Citrus x limon] - fresh, fruity
  • Sweet Marjoram [Origanum majorana] - medicinal, fresh, herbal
  • Wintergreen [Gaultheria procumbens] - sharp, medicinal, minty
  • Star Anise [Illicium verum] - elegant, spicy, warming
  • Peppermint [Mentha x piperita] - minty, cooling
  • Roman Chamomile [Anthemis nobilis] - green, herbal
  • Dalmatian Sage [Salvia officinalis] - spicy, herbal


I imagine Orthanc and Saruman as beacons of healing before falling to the corrupting influence of Sauron. I wanted to capture the chilling, calculated shift in Saruman just before he burns the vast gardens of Isengard to the ground.


Top Notes: Lemon and Star Anise. I chose Lemon for its almost sterilizing quality, as if someone were attempting to cover up blood and decay with something so bright it feels unsettling. Star Anise, on the other hand, is a fleeting sweetness in this blend, another cover for Saruman's evil intentions.

Middle Notes: Sweet Marjoram, Peppermint, and Roman Chamomile. Herbaceousness for days. These three oils are intensely therapeutic, especially in the way of soothing aches and pains and calming the mind for sleep. Don't get too comfortable...

Base Notes: Dalmation Sage and Wintergreen. Sage provides a darker, dustier note to anchor the blend's herbal notes. Wintergreen is the epitome of cooling oils with its prominent camphor component. There's that foreboding shiver down your spine!

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