LotR Collection: Edoras Blend

LotR Collection: Edoras Blend

Curious about my Middle-Earth Oils? Here's a bit more about the Edoras blend, which is part of the LotR Collection!

EDORAS: citrus-polished woodwork and dry grass softened by wind-swept flowers

  • Sweet Orange [Citrus sinensis] - fresh, fruity
  • Buddha Wood [Eremophila mitchellii] - deep, woodsy
  • Virginian Cedarwood [Juniperus virginiana] - dry, fresh, woodsy
  • Magnolia Flower [Michelia alba] - sweet, floral


Edoras is known for its exquisitely carved Golden Hall and the Rohirrim, the Riders of the Mark, who were an imposing cavalry. I wanted the scent to be simple, a quiet testament to the patient care required to nurture strong companionship with their horses.


Top Notes: Sweet Orange and Magnolia Flower. Orange oil is a natural pesticide, which is part of the reason it is so often added to wood waxes and polishes! Magnolia flowers are my stand-in for Tolkien's Simbelmynë (aka Alfirin), the white flowers that grow upon the sacred gravesites in Rohan.

Middle Note: Buddha Wood. There is a smoky depth to this oil's scent that reminds me of freshly cut firewood and hay, like a brand new (or exceptionally well-kept) stable.

Base Note: Virginian Cedarwood. A strong, iconic scent I thought was the perfect dry compliment to Buddha Wood. Cedarwood oil is a natural termiticide and has a wonderfully masculine, outdoorsy scent I deemed perfect for the infuriatingly patriarchal society in which Eowyn struggles to find her place.

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