#SimpingForSauron September

#SimpingForSauron September
To celebrate the first appearance of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power during the season finale one year ago, I've posted up a new line of merch on my FourthWall store. Join me in my unhealthy adoration of the Dark Lord Sauron! It's Simp4Sauron September!

There are several simp-y designs on my store, and most are available on t-shirts, tank tops, and mugs, along with some being compiled onto sticker sheets.

Here are the highlights:

A white coffee mug with red handle and interior. The graphic on the front face is a calligraphy eye with flame details.Eye of "Sauron" -- There are two variants of this design, but it features a calligraphy design I made myself, spelling out "Sauron" in Tengwar, highly stylized to look like the flaming eye we all know and love. The gradient version is for dark-colored merch, and the eyeliner version is for light-colored merch (and stickers) and has fun flame details inside the 'eyeball' portion of the design. I love it so much I plan on getting it tattooed on me (thanks for 60,000+ followers on TikTok)!

A dark gray tank top with a calligraphy eye in gradient flame colors along with white text that reads "#Simpingfor". The calligraphy spells out the name Sauron in Elvish.#SimpingForSauron -- Utilizing the calligraphy design above, we finally get some merch with the hashtag I've been using since before the Amazon show The Rings of Power was confirmed to be set in 2nd Age Middle-Earth. LOL

A man wears a raglan style shirt with black arms and white center. The graphic on the white chest contains an Eye of Sauron in the style of the XBOX logo with an Achievement text of "Angbang Achievement Unlocked: (wor)ship the dark lords"Angbang Achievement -- Parody of an XBOX achievement notification, this design has the Eye of Sauron in place of the console logo and rewards you for (wor)shipping the Dark Lords. The joke is that in fandom "Angbang" is the relationship name for shipping Sauron with Morgoth. Their fortress in Beleriand was Angband.


I hope everyone enjoyed the first season of The Rings of Power! And even if you didn't, I hope you enjoy my merch! We'll have to wait and see how the series portrays Sauron in future seasons, but the Dark Lord can be simped all year 'round. ^_^

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