9 Elvish Etsy Gifts for Tolkien Geeks!

9 Elvish Etsy Gifts for Tolkien Geeks!

The holiday season is here (whether we like it or not LOL), so I thought I would compile a few of my favorite Tolkien-inspired gift ideas I've found while scrolling Etsy late at night. I mean, yes, you could purchase my Middle-Earth Oils or Starscape Pendants... but if my offerings aren't your thing, then I hope this gift guide introduces you to some amazing products internationally!

Fair warning: Some of these will be VERY niche while others will be generally recognizable as LotR/Hobbit related merch. Give something special to that mega-fan in your life... even if that mega-fan is just you! Enjoy!

(The products linked in this post are NOT affiliate links. I gain nothing by sharing this other than the satisfaction of hopefully sending your money to awesome artisans around the world!)


Elvish Lanterns -- TilbeGilion (Turkey)

I've said it before: Light is important to the Elves! In the First Age, Elves like Gwindor were able to craft exquisite lamps that glowed with magical light. These small lamps from TilbeGilion take after the fabled Fëanorian Lamps, and are available in white, silver, and copper finishes. Limited Supply!


LotR Laser-Cut Lamp -- GameVetz (USA)

Another lamp, but this one is laser-etched with amazing details representing the dark forces of Barad-dûr, Dwarves of Khazad-Dûm, Elves of Lothlórien, and Men of both Rohan and Gondor. Also limited supply.


Leather Leaf Shoes/Accessories -- PendragonShoes (Australia)

This store sells exquisite hand-painted leather shoes and accessories. Since most items are leaf-inspired, they come in various colors (in case you're as obsessed with fall foliage as I am) and have a wonderfully Elvish/Fae aesthetic! The belts and pencil cases can also include Elvish Tengwar on them ("Not All Who Wander Are Lost"), and you can likely ask for custom text if you've had me do a Neo-Sindarin translation for you!


Elvish Heraldry Decals -- EllipsisDecor (USA)

Tolkien's designs for the heraldry of various Houses of Elves are really fun design elements. The decals from EllipsisDecor are a simple, understated way of showing your geekiness, whether you stick them on your electronics or go big and display them on your car! Available heraldry: Fëanor, Fingolfin, Finarfin, Gil-Galad, and the Fëanorian Star... plus Bag End and D&D-inspired designs.


Tolkien License Plates -- Eaton (USA)

Let's be honest; most of us would rather be somewhere in Middle-Earth. This seller on Etsy has an entire section of plates expressing this exact desire for different sections of Middle-Earth. There are also license plates with Tolkien quotes on them.


Miniature Shield/Helmet Reproductions -- LotRHelmets (Hungary)

Another wonderful shop specializing in iconic armor and weapon miniature reproductions. There's an entire set of mini shields that can be hung as wall art or displayed with your books! All items are cast in resin and hand-painted. Limited runs of most items, so grab 'em if you're interested!


Silmarillion-Inspired Jewelry -- JessyHerc (Slovenia)

I can't NOT give you one amazing jewelry artist! JessyHerc makes incredible wire-wrapped jewelry, usually surrounding beautiful stones like labradorite, moonstone, and malachite. Specifically, she makes pendants, earrings, etc of The Two Trees of Valinor (with Silmaril accents)! I've bought several pendants here, and each is unique and stunningly beautiful.


Silmarillion & LotR Oil Paintings -- KuliszuArt (Poland)

One of my favorite artists who focuses on Silmarillion and LotR imagery! Anna's oil paintings feature bright colors, and several skew more abstract, like her paintings of the creation of Arda in the Ainulindalë. Her versions of the Valar Námo and Irmo are favorites of mine. There are also several beautiful depictions of scenes from the LotR books.


Silmarillion Watercolor + PINS -- JennyDolfenArt (Germany)

One of the most prolific painters of Tolkien-inspired works (outside Lee, Howe, and Nasmith), Jenny Dolfen continues to make gorgeous works despite a condition that is slowly taking her vision from her. Her enamel pins are wonderful for collecting as well! (3 Elven Rings above) The link above goes to her Etsy, but her store has scaled back significantly, so if you'd like her artwork, try her Inprnt Store Here.

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